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i just need to claim that, I used to be going through ‘rigvedbhashyabhumika’, several destinations I've browse ,” teenon vedon ko”. i just desire to ask is why is “teenon vedon” instead of “charon vedon” is atharva veda not as vital as other ved

expensive yash thknx for reply So shud not get bewildered but just carry on acknowleding the factors baised on logic reasonig

Now see , maria with no supplied me any reply you're demonstrating me chilly shoulder, aggressively you say I should play with targeted visitors / suicide but dear mate i’m not insulting or degrading your religion but you gave me cold shoulder, to b pleasant I need you (if you like) to comment on my problem. - Download any song in mp3 format from our multi category Music databases. Get pleasure from and share with your friends

In 6 Hijri a “Peace Treaty” was created in between the Muslims & non-Muslims of Makkah. In keeping with which Muslims & non-Muslims wouldn’t struggle with one another 4 10 years & would attempt to are now living in a tranquil way. But afterward not all but some events amongst non-Muslims experienced damaged that peace treaty by attacking on Muslims 4 combating, Consequently many Muslims had been killed.

Please with your reply didn't deliver your own personal translation.If you need to influence me this translation is incorrect then give translation of the scholar by supplying me an online hyperlink the place I am able to Check out the proper translation.

I ask for you Please ban Shabeer to publish responses below. This guy have no function neither trying to get real truth nor discussion. He just do duplicate paste, copy paste, duplicate paste ………….. Shabeer would seem mentally disturbed.

c. Vedas say 1 ought to only abide by fact following appropriate verification and Assessment. Even belief in Vedas is not really required Until just one is persuaded.

Hey Hey Hey..u ignorant men….admin of This page is compensated to speak nagative about islam u r afraid of islam…stupids…detrimental mindsets…hey hey hey..

five. Quran clearly thinks in rebirth: primary quran? have you gone mad? there is only one quran…its indicating might be distorted though the arabic verses website are a single and exact….

I welcome you to how of life of fact and wisdom and peace. It may well just take time to analyze but If you're guided by truth by yourself, you shall reach the destiny.

How come you issue that there's asia’s beiggest slaughter home in Deonar Mumbai India, isnt that in opposition to the Dharma? so will you say the govt is undertaking the proper dharma as Each one is in peace (except the animals)

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“Equally as an age was once wanting to acquire the Copernican theory in the universe, so is our age All set for the concept of reincarnation being introduced into the final consciousness of humanity”.

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